Mother being a Father

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for choosing my content to read. Hope you all are doing great and must be in a preparation of celebrating your Mother’s day! Since my this post is relatively about Mother’s as one of my fellow writer friend Diana has inspired me to think about this post by her earlier post Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021 which leads me to altogether a different perspective. Since the ideas shared by her were very much helpful and suitable but somehow it traversed me on a different track.

Earlier I’ve planned to get it ready and publish it on occasion of Mother’s Day, but later on I realized that this does not rely or restricted to any occasion, hence making it today. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Reading it louder this time!

This week I was having a chit chat with some of my friends which I habitually do, sometimes over call or by meeting them face to face. But this time one thing went analogous during chit chat with all of them and that was “How’s your mother and father”? This question was not often asked but this time it took place every time with each of my friend. I didn’t comprehend this resemblance at the same time but while I was having my dinner that day it unexpectedly strikes my mind and compelled me to contemplate about it.

Since I am a night owl, I tried digging down this question that night with a peace of mind and then the first realization was pandemic, because of which friends do care and are concerned about each other’s parents. It feels very nice and humbled when someone asked so, isn’t it? This is it, at that time I thought I’ve had my answer and sidetracked into something else, but while going to bed again there was a feel like something is still mislaid, pandemic could be the answer but my heart was looking for something else here.

Next night this thought went on and on in my head, but I was still clueless. Another day one of my colleague called for some office work and we were just chatting, and I asked him the same question, he courteously answered that “his mother is well” at that moment I got my answer for which I was struggling all night long and finally, I drive myself to very usual conclusion that, this world is so fortunate enough since God has made two priceless creature called “Mother” and “Father” and gifted all of us by their existence.

Envisage a child has never seen his/her father but just heard and think of a mother who is suffering a lot to alleviate her children’s lives. Do you have any idea the daily struggle of such mothers? What she would have answered when her children ask about nonappearance of a father innocently? How she would be managing all the stuffs single handedly?

I believe, such mothers are truly a role model for the society. Despite of being single owner she plays many protagonists in the life to endure in the society along with her children. However, the most imperative role which such mothers plays in her life is of a father. Just look at the below how a mother put her toes into a father’s shoe.

1. Goes to work daily and knob the office tantrums.

2. Fulfill all the conceivable wishes of her children by not showing the struggle behind it.

3. Plans the future of children towards betterment.

4. Protect whole family for well-being.

5. Develops a discipline in family nature.

6. Makes children secure by just her existence in the life.

7. Ensures to give a better life to live out.

8. Nurture and spend time with children whenever they are in need.

9. Offers acceptance and compassion.

10. Dealing with the whole society to project their children in a best possible manner.

11. Last but not the least, never shows the stressful temperament.

She performs all the roles and responsibilities handled by a father of the family. Overall a mother tries to be a perfect father figure for their children.

Now a question for you all here. Is it obligatory to be a male by gender to become a father?

My answer is “NO”. As far as I feel, to become a father it is not at all necessary. More than all the above roles and responsibilities frolicked by a mother, the most significant thing which she entails is the “BEHAVIOR” of a father which makes and fortify her to subsist in this society. Such behavior of a mother brings up altogether a diverse personality of a mother and instigates the society to accept. It also boosts the children to accept a mother as their role model instead of mislaid the existence of a father in the family. When a mother stood with such behavior in front of the society, she becomes an stimulus for others too and the proudest eyes are of her children.

This happen me to conclude that gender is only the identity given by God, however, to shadow any roles and responsibilities is not dependent, all we need is to adopt such “BEHAVIOR” to cope up with such actions. Would say only one line here “Fatherhood is not a relationship or a responsibility, it’s a BEHAVOR”. Hence whenever you come across and meet such mother, respect them, and try to learn something if you can.

This thought has opened too many doors here to me, hence I’ll come back to showcase another side of such instance with a sequel. Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and find it helpful.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all in advance! 🙂


  1. Diana says:

    Thank you for tagging me heh 🥰 anyways wow, this was such an amazing and powerful piece!
    I totally agree that it’s about behaviour not gender when it comes to being a father. It’s what one parent does. Some play the role of both. Mothers are amazing and deserve so much! (Not all, but the good mother’s) 😊
    Can’t wait to read the second part!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biren says:

      Exactly! That was the whole point behind it. I’m glad you get it. And yes definitely not all but good mothers. Thank you so much for sparing a time to read it, means a lot to me.

      And yes, sure I’m working on sequel but not yet started writing it. Hope I reach there by next weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Biren says:

      Exactly! That was the whole point behind it. I’m glad you get it perfectly. And yes definitely not all but good mothers. Thank you so much for sparing a time to read it, means a lot to me.

      And yes, I’m working on sequel but not yet started writing it. Hope I reach there by next weekend.

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  2. briannalbbh says:

    This is really powerful! I love this, Biren. Your ideas are thought-provoking. I agree with you. Families are all different and holidays like Mother’s Day are an important time to recognize that. Some people have mothers, but they are neglectful or abusive. Some people only have fathers or live with other relatives. Family is more than blood, it is who loves you and cares for you. Good mothers deserve to be celebrated and sometimes, fathers play the “mother” role as well so they deserve celebration too. I appreciate that you are offering this perspective since not many people touch on it. I cannot wait to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biren says:

      Exactly! So it’s all about how we behave and gender can’t command over it. Also you caught the point of my sequel. Thank you so much for sparing a time to read and I’m glad you liked it.


  3. Harumi says:

    Really insightful piece! I think it’s often overlooked that parents and/or guardians take on multiple roles. Society and tradition like to keep things the way that they have always been presented to us. But these roles and behaviors can be reflected in any individual who bears the responsibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biren says:

      Thank you so much Harumi for your recognition and sparing a time to read!

      Of course it’s really important to understand the difference between what is shown to us and the reality behind it. Thanks again!


  4. Shyla Elza says:

    What a lovely post. The sentiment behind it is wonderful. There are many mothers out there who have to fill both sets of shoes. Being a mother myself I can say it is one of the hardest jobs of all and I truly admire the women who do it alone and with such grace. It was admirable of you to compliment mothers the way you have. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biren says:

      Thank you, Shyla! Yes, I full agree with you, it’s a shoutout for all those mothers who does so hard! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading!


  5. Shalika says:

    I really like the way you explained about respect for mothers. Being a mother I can surely sense that when your family recognize your love and efforts then that is the proud moment of life …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Biren says:

      I’m glad you liked it, Shalika! Indeed the recognition is must to step forward. Thank you for sparing a time to read.


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