Introducing Biren’s theory of LUCK

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice week. Good to see you here, and I hope you enjoy the read! 🙂

Certainly, have seen many people feel like they are LUCKY or questioning whether to believe in LUCK or not. Here I won’t say that you should not feel like that. But I personally believe that, there’s always a cause behind each good or bad incident/coincident, of course I’m not going scientifically. The only thing is that, we are not cognizant about the actual cause; hence people call it LUCK. So today I am going to introduce my own theory behind the word “LUCK”, which I believe in totally, of course it’s not at all verified but for me it is the fact.

My theory for the term “LUCK” is entirely based on my real time life experiences. I’ve named it as “4R” theory. Wherein the letter “R” stands for “Right” and repeated four times. This theory has four foremost facets and they are “TIME”, “PLACE”, “PERSON” and “TALK”. Here, the word “RIGHT” comes first before each facet. Let me take you through how I conceptualize it and how it works for me.

Right Time

As we all know, TIME plays a vivacious role in our lives and falls in a diverse behavior like, it could be “Good”, “Bad”, “Right”, “Wrong”, “Accurate”, “Inaccurate” etc.

Which is right time?

Positive – Whatsoever you’re looking forward to, if you feel pretty much confident about it and have belief in yourself even though you’re not well prepared, then that is the right time for you to step up. Here your self-confidence will make the time right for you, which I personally believe is very much essential to do anything.

Opportunity – On the other side, there could be a leeway that you didn’t realize the moment and step up some other time, in such case you’ll come to know the difference between right time and unsuitable time, which will help you to take restored verdicts going forward.

Right Place

PLACE is not only the venue so far; it has its own significance in individual’s life. It could be comfortable or uncomfortable. It is all up to us how we make it worthy or for ourselves.

Which is the right place?

Positive – Here I would say, any place can be right, because it depends on what time you’ve chosen. It could be a tea stall, board/discussion room, online virtual meetings, coffee store, open forum etc. What all significantly matter here is how much comfortable you’re with the place by putting yourself in front confidently.

Opportunity – Even if you’re uncomfortable, that would also make sense because your uncomfortable zone will make you mindful about your one of the dimness. For example: You’ve been asked in public about your desire because there’s something good waiting for you if you speak publicly, but speaking in front of lot of people is uncomfortable for you, which makes you realize that it’s one of your area of improvement, if you’ll work out on it then you could go better forward effortlessly.

Right Person

We all deal with too many people in our lives. Some are good/bad and apparently, they affect our life knowingly/unknowingly or directly/indirectly. But to be precise here, what matter is how we detect the right PERSON.

Who is the right person?

Positive – It’s very simple. The person who does have the accurate answer, solution and/or authority to address your questions or apprehensions and/or desires is the right person for that moment. To identify them you should start approaching people whom you feel are right. If you can’t approach then be a silent observer, and once you’re done with it then it would be easier to approach.

Opportunity – In case you have the wrong person in front, then it would be a lesson for you to learn that such kind a person is not right for your desires but may be helpful though. You can ask him/her about the right person to deal with your stuffs, he/she may transmit you to the one who has the deserving things for you. However, unless you step up to approach anyone to identify as a right person, you’ll be there where you were. Hence it is better to step up always.

Right Talk

Now this is one of the most noteworthy facets. When I say right TALK, it means effective communication. And as we all know how important it is to communicate the things in appropriate way.

What is right talk?

Positive – It could be in two ways, either verbal or written. But in both the ways the methodology remains same. You just need to elect appropriate words, sentences and communicate them in an appropriate and effective manner and tone. Your way of communication always produces a perception and your image. Indeed, it varies individually. Just need to assure to leave the positive and thoughtful influence. For me it always works.

Opportunity – Just in case if you failed to make it in an appropriate manner, then of course there could or couldn’t be repercussion. But still you’ll get to learn how to make it better next time. Also, the repercussions will teach you the better way of communication so that it could help you in future cases.


Now if you’ve gone through all the four facets of my theory, I would like you to cumulate all the positive facets defined above. Which I formulate as LUCK = sum (Right TIME + Right PLACE + Right PERSON + Right TALK), when all of this adds up right things come to you. If I’ve to frame this in a single sentence it would be (Talking the right thing with a right person, on right time at right place make things right). What you just need to do is keep doing your best with hard and smart work, dedication, 100% willingness, strong will power, self-confidence, self-belief, optimistic attitude, and patience. I’m sure things will fall in place for you right there.

All the above mentioned facets are dependent variables with multiple permutation and combination, hence if any one of them chosen or decided inappropriately while you move forward then things may not work out as you expected, but undeniably there is an opportunity inside for you to learn from it and do it in a better way next time. Once you get to learn it then you can find or identify the right thing, which will never let you down.

Now I’m just curious to know from you that how do you like this theory? Do you still think that when you’ll be lucky, and things will fall in place ultimately without any reason or effort? Also, would be glad to know if you’ve found anything contradictory. I would appreciate your thoughts and reviews in comment section below. Thank you for giving it a read! 🙂


  1. This is such an interesting theory, Biren. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I tend to agree that actions/events “cause” luck, rather than it being a coincidence or based on something out of our control. For example, a person who works hard will most likely have more “luck” because they see more positive results than someone who hardly ever tries. I love how you brought up that being optimistic, patient, confident, and dedicated improves your “luck”. That further shows how we make our own luck, in a way, through our mindset. Furthermore, some people say that everything will work out and that shows luck being out of our hands, but as you said, that is part of having a positive attitude. Our attitude certainly can determine what happens to us. Thanks for sharing! I am impressed and intrigued by your theory.

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    1. I’m glad you find it interesting and in a right way! Indeed it’s all up to us, how we adopt and execute the things with a positive mindset along with confidence, hard work and dedication. These all factors affects positively our actions and takes us to the right way, which we are looking forward to. And when people says that everything will work out better, there are vibes behind it and definitely makes our mindset stronger than before.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and reviews, it means a lot to me and sparing a time to give it a read!


  2. Wow very cool and interesting theory about luck you brought up here!!!
    I was thinking about luck recently 😛 and I also had a conversation about that too with my sis. She was telling me that luck is real and is determine the moment we are put into this world – our parents, where we live, our situation and circumstances all is determined and not chosen. Which is pretty true because some people can be born with a silver spoon and given everything while some go through extreme suffering
    Luck is a tricky thing! I don’t really know what I think about it but I think luck is something that just comes to certain people. They don’t really need to try and they just land what they’ve been wanting. Or it could also be karma! I have no clue 😂

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    1. I understand your point here Dee. Just to elaborate the example like some people born with a golden spoon and and some not, however I believe that is not in our control. But if you see, people who born with a golden spoon never dies with it all the time and other side who has to struggle a lot with daily life may die with lots of gratitude and respect, that’s because of their hard work, dedication, strong will power and positive attitude towards the life which is definitely in our control. So it’s all up to us how we deal with life.

      Thank you so much for sparing a time to read it! Your thoughts and reviews are much appreciated!

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  3. This is such an interesting post. Rather than waiting for a coincidence, your theory of luck seems to be focused on putting down the stepping stones that will get you to the right opportunity. I actually like that a lot. And I have to agree with the “right talk” concept. For me, self-talk is a powerful tool. I also find journaling to be helpful to navigate what I want in life. Ultimately, I like this concept because there’s some base to it. You could be talking to the right person at just the right time. That can make all the difference!

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    1. Thank you so much Harumi! I’m glad you find it interesting! Indeed, that’s why it has been said “Don’t wait, till it’s too late”, then why not step up and reach the right time? Right Talk – is a powerful tool since our communication is a significant key. Exactly! You get the things in a right way. Thank you so much for sparing a time to read!!


  4. I love this theory, Biren. I’ve personally always believed we make our own luck, and you explain it so eloquently here! I think sometimes it just feels “lucky” because often we do one or a combination of the four “Rs” without even realizing it. But at the end of the day every decision you make, no matter how small, helps determine what will happen to you!

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    1. Thank you so much, Vic! That’s exactly the point I tried to make! May be some find it “lucky” because of unknown cause, however in long run you could probably see it! Our decision and actions make it happen! Thank you so much for your thoughts! Much appreciated, Vic!


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