Five ways to avoid and/or diminish the Disagreements

Hi there, hope you all having a good time this week! Thank you for being here and choosing my content to give a read! This time it’s all about the disagreements, difference of opinions and multiple POVs! Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

When you think you’re right, that doesn’t mean people who don’t agree with you are wrong always. We live in a world which has the population of 7.9 billion approximately (and still counting) till date bestowing to (worldometer). Now when I say population, it also means 7.9 billion brains with immeasurable number of thoughts and opinions which comes with many influences and when there are multiple factors intricate, indeed the viewpoint also varies. This happens in our day to day life as well, even after carrying similar thoughts. The figure 7.9 billion is not just a population of world, moreover it comprises 235 listed countries, 6 listed regions, approximately 8 major religions (includes multiple sub-religions and variants regionally), multiple genders. Even in a single family of 3-4 members such sort of disagreements takes place too.

As stated above, that there are many influences which generates the difference of opinions, it varies individually however, majorly it could be based on your “mindset”, “past experience”, “surroundings”, “culture/tradition”, “sociodemographic”, “generation” “principles”, “beliefs” etc. These are just few of them otherwise it’s a gigantic count. But that is not the actual matter of concern though, the most substantial question ascends here is how to dodge such difference of opinions and have analogous POV.

Short Example

Let’s say on a blank paper a code is cited by your boss, and you’ve been told that it’s alphanumeric. (The code is 9L). While you get that paper, you see it as 76. Instantly you give a call to your boss affirming the code is not alphanumeric, it’s only numeric. Your boss disagrees to it and the same way you do, and the line of wiles and excuses go on and on. To figure it out you’ve been asked to come office, you reach there and display the paper to your boss. Seeing the paper, your boss starts laughing and says, “the way you’ve hold the paper is completely the opposite direction of what it should be. Just rotate the paper in opposite direction and tell what you see now”. You also underway laughing and ultimately both of you came on same page. The happy and satisfactory ending!

How to avoid and/or diminish the Disagreements?

Well, if I’ve to say in one line then it would be “Put your foot in others’ shoe”. However, technically up to some extent it’s not that easy even too tough to do so. But it’s not impossible. The above illustration was enough to elaborate I believe, though have listed down five key aspects as per my acquaintance to evade and/or diminish the difference of opinions. Let me take you through it one by one.

Forget your POV

The best way to flinch is to forget the past occurrence or discussion and your own POV. Start with a blank mind so that it could be calm to deal with the situation/person. It’s like you’re consenting others to paint on your blank canvas and trying to understand their art. Make them comprehend that you’ve flushed out the past and don’t have any standpoint now. Try to imagine and realize the situation from their perspective. When you do so, the one who has diverse viewpoint might feel bit comfortable to make a point in front of you bit briefly and in descriptive manner. Just listen to him/her and try to recognize the reason behind, you never know perhaps you could learn something new from it. Then same way you can request or ask him/her to allow to make your point and possibly he/she could get your side as well, the way you get it.

Keep the EGO aside

Whenever there is a matter of disagreement, it is better not to take it personally. Otherwise it would spark your egoism and collapse the whole situation. As per human tendency it has been perceived that most of the disagreements takes place because of egoism, especially when two opposite genders are involved. Hence it is better to keep your ego aside and try to make it in a generic way. This will show up your wisdom and based on that, your opponent may also fetch him/herself down, apparently you both can laid your points one by one in front of each other and work out on conceivable outcome.

Analyze the situation

When it comes to analyze, first step to start is by asking “Why?”. Most of the time we judge the statement without knowing the reason behind. Try to know and realize the reason behind the disagreement, since we never know under what circumstances the opponent has disagreed to the statement. Once you get to know the reason, possibly you may agree to it or you could at least come to know the intentions behind it. Same way you also can keep your reason in front for disagreement and after knowing it others may also get your point in a better way. When both the parties are cognizant and understand the reason, it always helps to take care of such sort of situations going forward and could avoid the disagreements. Probably it could produce a bond between both the parties which is a great sign of agreement.

It’s OKAY to apologize

Apology is the sign of wisdom and the best way to make a new start. No one gets disrespected if apologized, hence it is perfectly okay to do it. While disagreement takes place, you can simply apologize for your behavior or actions. Seeing your wisdom, others may melt down and come back to you with a positive approach to sort out the disagreement together and opens the door of healthy discussion. With a fresh start and healthy discussion, difference of opinions gets override smoothly.

Create a common platform

Common platform is a place where you can invite everyone to comprehend and divulge the POV of both the parties, and make all of them aware about how you and your opponent dealt with the disagreement by following all or any of the above four ways. It will help others to understand and realize how to deal with such disagreements whenever faced. Conceivably you may get some more better and smart ways to deal with it from others by listening to them. Indeed, it is all up to an individual whether to take it or leave it.


Keeping personal POV and ego sideway helps to realize others. Try to distinguish the reason behind disagreement to analyze and understand which aids you to know others better. Elect the wisdom and apologize to instigate or sort out the disagreements. Forming common platform will assist you and others to know how to deal with such situations. If we contemplate all the above pointers with a constructive approach, I believe it helps to avoid or diminish the difference of opinions. As a result, there could be a possibility of better agreements, understandings, knowledge enhancement, etc. In worst case if it doesn’t work for you, then it is better to circumvent and forget the instance and move on forward without zero regrets. Choose the wisdom, forgive others and yourself for whatsoever happened and make a fresh start.

Last but not at all the least, would like to thank you all for reading it! Would be glad to have your thoughts and reviews on this! Also would like to know from if you’ve some better ways out to work out the disagreements and bringing the various POVs on single platform to make things goes well with the world as much as we can! 🙂


  1. This was a great post, Biren! I love what you said about not being afraid to apologize; being able to admit you’re wrong and see things from the other person’s perspective is a huge mark of maturity. I always love reading your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Vic! So true, it’s a indeed a wise choice and looking out from others perspective needs a bit high level of maturity! Thanks a lot again for being constantly inspiring me to write by your reviews!


  2. Apologizing is something I’ve learned really works. I think when I was younger I never truly felt like I was wrong in any argument and I would never apologize. Now that I’ve grown and matured I am able to admit when I am wrong, apologize when necessary, or even just apologize to be the bigger person. I think sometimes when people disagree with you and you apologize it truly astounds them and they often drop the subject entirely. Thanks for these great ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree on this! Since apologies is not just a word but a feeling which can calm anyone if done with a pure heart. It really works and shows the maturity with wisdom of a person! Thank you so much for sparing a time to read and sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated!


  3. I really enjoyed reading this. Disagreements are inevitable, but the way we handle them is what matters the most. We have to do our best to avoid and/or diminish them in order to handle such situations maturely. Oftentimes, a disagreement is not black and white so no matter what, apologizing makes a difference. I truly feel that it is the best way to resolve any issues. Your ideas here are insightful and I appreciate them. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Of course, they are inevitable! However, it is up to us how we deal with it! Apology is a sign of wisdom, in both ways giving and asking for! It was so helps to handle the disagreements bit naturally! Thank you so, Brianna for giving it a read and sharing your thoughts!


  4. I wish I have read this when I was younger (especially about ego and common platform), I might have been a better person to talk to haha, but this is a great post with many important lessons to learn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s never too late for anything to start over! The time you realize, the time you rise! You’re still a better person to talk with, don’t think about others, haha! Thank you so much for sparing a time to read! Means a lot to me!


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